Quicklink Balloon Banner

Quick link Character balloon banners, 

Fabulous latex balloons that link together to create a banner to hang 

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12 inch big polka dots quicklink banner balloons


Quicklink Banners balloons come in bags of 10 that make them great as you can effortlessly create banners or arches. Also, balloon decorators and party planners alike can add a bit extra to their work with these 12" Big Polka Dots Quicklink balloons. These balloons are designed to connect and be sculpted into creative decorations, such as arches and towers.

Supplied in lime green, wild berry and robin's egg blue, un-inflated in bags of 10 by Qualatex.

12 inch bright assortment quicklink banner balloons


Ideal for parties, this 12" bright assortment of Quicklink balloons comes in wild berry, lime green and robin's egg blue. These balloons are specially designed to tie together in order to form larger decorations, e.g. towers and wall coverings. Great for parties, weddings and all sorts of events. Supplied by Qualatex, un-inflated in bags of 10.

12 inch pastel assortment quicklink banner balloons


You can use this assortment of 12" Pastel Quicklink balloons for a striking, creative edge to your design.

These balloons come in pink, pale blue and lime green, and are perfect for making decorations (and a talking point) at parties and social gatherings. They can be attached to each other and moulded into larger decorations, such as arches, chains and walls. Supplied by Qualatex, un-inflated in bags of 10.

Quicklink Banner balloons make that perfect banner.

12 inch happy birthday quicklink banner balloons


These 12" Quicklink 'Happy Birthday' balloons are perfect for birthday parties for any age.

They come in assorted wild berry, robin's egg blue and orange, and can be sculpted creatively into walls, archways and other decorations.

Sold un-inflated in bags of 10 which would make them perfect as a point of sale in your shop. Supplied by Qualatex.

12 inch congratulations quicklink banner balloons


Banner balloons are a great addition to your party.

They feature 10 Quicklink balloons that can be easily tied together into a banner and are supplied with two sticky tabs to attach to a wall or ceiling.

They are air fill only so you have the whole package in a small bag!

These banner balloons feature a quirky "Congratulations message" for a 'Well Done' party. Made by Qualatex.

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