Hello Kitty Party

The forever popular Hello Kitty is here with her fantastic range of Paty supplies to ensure you have the best Hello Kitty party ever

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Magenta Banqueting Roll



Magenta Banqueting Roll

This roll of magenta table roll (or banquet roll) is really useful for covering tables at weddings, Christenings and parties.

Each roll is 100ft (30m) in length.

Lavender Poly Tissue Tablecloth



Lavender Poly Tissue Tablecloth

These Lavender Poly-Tissue Tablecovers measures 137 x 274cm.

They have a plastic lining which is waterproof

Magenta Poly Tissue Tablecloth



Magenta Poly Tissue Tablecloth

Magenta Poly-Tissue Tablecover 

These are 3-ply which breaks down as 2-ply tissue and 1-ply plastic.

Each tablecover measures 137 x 274cm 

Lavender Paper Plates



Lavender Paper Plates

These plates come in a gentle shade of lavender, which is perfect for giving a party a colour scheme.

These durable plates will negate the use for any washing up.

Magenta Paper Cups



Magenta Paper Cups Pack of 8

Magenta Paper Cups are a hot pink or fuchsia shade of colour.

Each cup has a capacity of 256ml.

Supplied in packs of 8.

lavender Paper Cups



Lavender Paper Cups

Lavender Paper Cups are supplied in packs of 8.

They have a capacity of 256ml

Pink and Silver Party Swirls Foil Confetti



Pink and Silver Party Swirls Foil Table Confetti

This confetti makes an ideal decoration for tables and surfaces at a party.

Supplied in a mixture of swirls and the word 'Party'

This product looks best scattered around for some extra sparkle

lavender Paper Napkins



Lavender Paper Napkins

These lavender paper napkins will look lovely at the table at a party or other such event.

This delicate shade of lavender is ideal for creating a colour scheme for the event.

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